Autumn on the Farm

A typical 4' spray of wild blackberries. Yummy!

Months have passed since my last entry. There has been SO much activity on the farm and my desire is to be outside experiencing it, not inside at the computer.

It’s mid September, harvest time. The new barn is 99% finished, one huge silo is up, there are now 12 dairy cows and 12 horses. The “milking parlor” is finished and our Amish family is now poised to be an official Maine dairy producer. All in 10 months time.  

Field of oats in August

Field of oats in August


Same field with the first "shocks" of oats drying in the sun,

Same field with the first “shocks” of oats drying in the sun. Our farmhouse guests walked along the field and watched the harvest.


Meanwhile, they have planted oats, feed corn and their own vegetable  garden. Our wonderful orchard which we reclaimed last summer is now ready to be harvested. I purchased a manual cider press this year and we will have “apple day” on the farm sometime in mid-October. We will make cider, cider vinegar and apple butter from the orchard apples and some of the wild apple trees ringing the farm.

Acres and acres of feed corn ripening.

Acres and acres of feed corn ripening. Our walking trail passed right through the middle of the corn fields. A corn maze – or corn maize…?

Glenn and I went wild blackberry foraging and returned with about 30 pounds of berries. We were scratched and bleeding but thrilled with our haul. We gave them all to Barbara Miller (our Amish farmer’s wife) and within hours I was given 3 big jars of fresh blackberry jam! I can’t imagine what she actually produced. What a glorious Maine day!

Ready for picking!      Ready for Picking!



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