Witnessing an Amish barnraising on our farm.

Barn on June 4th before barnraising day

Above photo was taken June 4th – 2 days before the barnraising. 

Having seen our Amish neighbors down the road raise their barn last spring, I knew I had to invite some of my dear friends to share this experience on our farm. Words simply can not adequately describe an event like this. My friends confirmed that fact over and over as the day progressed and the barn went up and up and up. They were all so grateful to have been part of the process. So you ask – how could 5 “english” women be part of an Amish barnraising process? Well, we all got up at 6am and at 7am we set up a production line to make 130 roast beef sandwiches which we had promised to have ready for the 9am “snack” break. Roast beef at 9am?  I can tell you if I had been on the workforce of raising that barn, I probably would have eaten the cow at 9am never mind a big, fat roast beef sandwich!

Having given my word not to take any photos with Amish people in them, it’s not very easy to document a barn raising. So the photos here were taken during their breaks. They started at 5:30am and took their first break at 9am (roast beef sandwiches).

Work done by 9am break!

Work done by 9am break!

The second break was a sit down lunch at 1pm. The buggies kept arriving all day.



By 1pm lunch break

By 1pm lunch break


The final break was at 4pm.

By 3pm coffee and candy bar break....

By 4pm coffee and candy bar break….


The back side of tge barn at 3pm break. And yes, that is 1/2 the roof in place.

The back side of the barn at 4pm break. And yes, that is 1/2 the roof in place.

The men who lived far away by buggie started leaving at about 6pm. Some worked until 7:30pm. By that time it was too dark to take a last photo. But even if there had been adequate light, Enos Miller was still hard at work up on his new roof . So to keep my promise of no Amish people in photos, there was no last photo of the barn.

What a day!


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