Photos of the Nor’easter of 2013

Welcome to the Inn! Not that you can get there from here…..

We always have guests at the Inn when there is a big winter storm. This storm was no different. So Glenn had the happy task of digging us out from under a 6′ snow bank. And since the back of the Inn faces south, that is where the “vacuum” occurs so the drifts were all up against the rooms. But don’t worry – it only took him 10 hours to shovel out! Whewww!

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2 Comments to Photos of the Nor’easter of 2013

  1. Jill Hammersley says:

    Oh geesh…I miss all the great snows there….Which is why Mike won’t bring me in the winter….lol…I know snow is alot of work for you all…but it is beautiful….and I love being snowed in anywhere…..Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy Spang says:

    Well Christine, like Jill I would love to be snowed in there. It is so beautiful anytime up there. My only desire is to come back to Stonington. I do hope that I will be able to make the trip again. It’s the greatest place in the world as far as I’m concerned and I have never met nicer people then there, especially you. Love you all.

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